i have a 13 year old town home on a concrete slab. in the kitchen i have vynil sheet flooring glued down. There is an expansion crack the full length of the small kitchen coming from under the dishwasher running into the pantry. its about a 1/4" wide from the looks of it. you can see the clear indentation in the vynil. also the glue has broke look so when you step on the floor near the crack you hear a sticky suction sound because the vynil is not glued down.

I plan to sell and I know a potential buyer would make it an issue but the truth is slabs crack, it may not even be done. The best choice is a floating floor that way the crack doesnt matter. My only concern is the sound. I was planning to lay the laminate vynil tile 12"x24" locking vynil tiles over the old floor but will i still hear the suction sound ? I tested it a little and it seems maybe not.

I want to avoid tearing up the old floor if possible because then i need to sand down and level out the old left over glue, that will be a ton of work.

Any ideas or suggestions? Thanks