How to Replace a Dryer Blower Wheel

If your dryer is making a loud squeaking nose when in use, there is a good chance that you may have to replace the blower wheel. Instead of immediately reaching for the phone to call a repairman, you should consider attempting to make this repair by yourself. With a little patience and attention to detail, you should be able to replace the blower wheel on your dryer without too much trouble. Below you will find the steps needed to complete this repair.

Step 1: Disconnect Power Supply

Since a dryer has many moving parts driven by electricity, you will want to make sure you have disconnected the power supply to the dryer before making any repairs. To do this, either unplug the dryer from the wall, remove the proper fuse from your fuse box, or flip the circuit breaker switch that corresponds to your dryer.

Step 2: Remove Control Panel

Without actually removing any wires from the control panel, you will need to remove the panel as much as possible. To do this, unscrew the screws attaching the panel to the top of your dryer and lift it out of position.

Step 3: Remove Top of Dryer

This step will vary slightly from model to model of dryers, but will require you to remove the top of your dryer. In most models, you should be able to do this by inserting a putty knife into the crevice between the front and top panels near the corners. Doing this should depress a latch that holds the top panel of your dryer to its front. Once this latch is released, lift the top panel of your dryer off of the appliance.

Step 4: Remove Front Panel

Once you have removed the top panel, unscrew the screws underneath that attach the front panel to the rest of the frame. Once you have released these screws, lift the front panel up and away from the dryer to remove it.

Step 5: Remove Blower Wheel Cover

Once your front panel is removed, you should be able to see a screen that covers the front of your blower wheel. With a screwdriver, remove this front cover. Once the cover has been removed, you will want to lock the blower wheel motor in place with a wrench. To do this, place a wrench on the shaft nut behind the motor and brace it on the motor bracket.

Step 6: Remove Blower Wheel

With a socket wrench, select the proper attachment to remove the nut from the front of the blower wheel. Be aware that blower wheel screws are fitted with left-handed threads, meaning that you will need to rotate clockwise to remove the nut instead of the conventional direction. Once you have removed the nut, slide the blower wheel out of position.

Step 7: Insert New Blower Wheel

After purchasing a new blower wheel for your dryer, insert it and reassemble the dryer using the opposite technique that you used to disassemble it. Plug the dryer back in and test to make sure your dryer is working correctly.

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