Alan Loveard
Alan Loveard

Alan lives in the Southern Highlands of New South Wales, Australia, where he designed and built a 3-bedroom stone house and several work sheds. He completed all the building jobs himself, including plumbing, drainage, carpentry, and electrical supply. Consequently, his skills include stone masonry, plumbing, and solar, wind, and generator-powered electrical services. Alan uses his tractor to grade the roads on the property and is a senior member of several relevant forums.

His personal interests and experiences include the building and sailing of five boats, including a 30’ sailing catamaran. He also does his own vehicle maintenance and has upgraded several Land Rover models, a 6.3 liter Mercedes, and various other makes. Other interests include SCUBA diving and horse riding. He's an avid reader and lover of classical, Jazz, and Latin music. His constant companion is his German Shepherd, the most recent of four of this breed. 

In business, Alan is an innovative and practical Marketing Specialist with particular expertise in content creation based on his understanding, identification, and definition of Stakeholder characteristics and information needs. He has been a full-time marketing consultant/content developer for over 20 years. He is the founding partner and director of ASPAC Consulting Group.  

He has broad industry experience, including: 

  • FMCG (Cosmetics, toiletries, OTC pharmaceuticals/ Wine & liquor) 
  • Industrial supplies & fabrication 
  • Admixtures & adhesives 
  • Hydraulic equipment 
  • Optical products (leisure and military)
  • Rural irrigation 
  • Marine equipment, including sailmaking 
  • Automotive service/parts & equipment

Alan has developed strategic brand and company positioning for many major corporations and SMEs.  Several projects have involved the creation of materials and the training/mentoring of management personnel. 

His marketing implementation, past and present, includes copywriting, product photography art direction, database management, website, and content development.

In addition to his business credentials, Alan's experiences and knowledge are based on extensive travel throughout Britain, Europe, North Africa, Sri Lanka, Singapore, Australia, New Zealand, and several states of the USA. 

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