Jason Pelmont Videographer

Jason Pelmont is a videographer for Do It Yourself. In the home repair and home improvement space, he’s a big fan of quick fixes and small maintenance projects that save you the headache and cost of massive repairs down the line.

Jason’s earliest DIY projects were what you might expect: using a couple playing cards to steady a wobbling table leg, jewelry crafting, and installing tile and wood floors. He also picked up crafting, whittling, and woodworking skills as a Boy Scout.

Around the time he graduated from paper clips and chewing gum to hammer and nails type solutions, Jason discovered a love of filmmaking and pursued an education in this field throughout high school and college. As a teen he won awards for short film projects, performed comedy, acted in dramatic roles, and won the Martin Roth Memorial Screenwriting Award. He earned a degree in Cinema & Television Arts from California State University, Northridge before transitioning to work behind the camera full time.

Jason has worked as an assistant director on independent and studio feature films, written and directed short films, and has had scripted work optioned by multiple production companies. He has worked in the studio television system on programs for the Disney Channel, reality and documentary programming for the E! Network and A&E. With a background that includes work for marketing and advertising firms, Jason has also worked on commercials and music videos in an on set capacity and in post-production.

Jason’s favorite DIY project is the likely unsafe but surprisingly smooth dolly track he and his crew improvised on one of his early feature film shoots.

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