Norma Vally Host of Discovery Channel's "Toolbelt Diva"
Norma Vally

Norma Vally is the creator of “Chix Can Fix,” a home improvement company that offers a variety of resources for women. She has appeared on national talk shows including The Tony Danza Show, CNN, Good Day New York, Life & Style, Northwest Afternoon and appeared in numerous magazines and newspapers including MSNBC, CBS Marketwatch, Woman’s Day, MORE and People.

Norma is a former model and personal trainer who honed her DIY chops over a decade in her family's Brooklyn based home improvement business. She is the host of Discovery Home Channel's Emmy nominated series Toolbelt Diva, has a radio show on Sirius Satellite by the same name, and is a published author and columnist.

Norma also leads do-it-herself workshops and clinics, and is a sought after speaker at home shows and expos across the country.

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