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Backyard Projects

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The Chevrolet Equinox

Noah Schuffman

Host Noah Schuffman brings us along as he helps homeowner Brad build five DIY projects to create a walk down memory lane for his wife, in celebration of their wedding anniversary.

From their first date to his marriage proposal to her announcement that they were expecting their first child, Brad sets out to recreate the most monumental moments in their life together. With a little creativity, Noah’s DIY skills and the help of their versatile Chevrolet Equinox, Brad and Noah make a fire pit, an outdoor movie screen, a patio table with a built-in cooler, glass bottle torches, and a water feature. Will this be another unforgettable evening to add to the story? They have a lot of work to do before we find out.

The First Date

Outdoor Movie Screen

To recreate their first date together – which was a trip to the local movie theater – Brad has decided to build an outdoor movie screen in his backyard. Once he and Noah figure out the best location for the screen, they get to work.

To learn how to DIY an outdoor movie screen in your own backyard, check out this tutorial: “How to Build an Outdoor Movie Screen.”

The Proposal

Patio Table With a Built-In Cooler

The evening when Brad proposed (and she said “Yes!”) will always be a special memory for the couple, but it wasn’t exactly fine dining. This time around, he is going to upgrade that date by transforming a basic table into a multifunctional showpiece.

For a detailed how-to, visit: “Patio Table With a Built-In Cooler.”

Glass Bottle Torches

And what would a romantic evening be without the proper mood lighting? Brad and Noah come up with a unique way to upcycle some glass bottles into mounted torches.

To get more information on how to make your own glass bottle torches, check out: “Glass Bottle Torches.”

The Announcement

Fire Pit

It was the best news he had ever received, so the recreation of when Lisa told Brad that they were expecting their child has to be just right. It was on a camping trip – as they sat fireside – that she made the big announcement. Brad and Noah decide to install a fire pit right there, in the backyard.

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Water Feature

But why stop there? Brad and Noah add to the camping experience by bringing more nature to the setting with a water feature made out of an old whiskey barrel.

Interested in bringing a water feature into your space? This how-to will guide the way: “Backyard Water Feature.”

The Reveal

Want to see how it all came together? Watch as Brad surprises Lisa with an evening that celebrates their life together.

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