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Upgrade your Deck

Summer is officially here, and it is time to tackle the DIY projects you have been planning for your backyard since the beginning of winter. What better place to start than your decking? It's the place everyone gathers around to celebrate and socialize, so it should ideally be an extension of your home. Yet, for some reason, you feel like your deck has always been lacking…something.

Here we share a few ideas to spruce up your decking and turn it into the envy of your friends and neighbors!

Ground Contact Lumber

Ground contact's concept is as simple as it sounds! This is a wood that has been treated to withstand direct contact with the soil, so it can be built quickly and simply on your existing yard.

Ground contact lumber is a heavy duty, ultra-tough pressure treated lumber especially suited for challenging environments. Yes, the possibilities are quite literally endless with this lumber. Even those of you lucky enough to have a beach house can build a deck out on to the sand with the use of ground contact lumber. The wood can even stand up to the harsh salt water that can splash up during storms!

For general deck building use, place the wood in the desired areas it will come in contact with the ground, fresh water or in other places where it's highly vulnerable to deterioration. When doing this, please remember to check when purchasing to see if the wood is labeled for ground contact use. Otherwise, you may be faced with decking that doesn't hold up for as long as you had anticipated.


Ask yourself whether your decking accommodates you and your guests after dark. If the answer is no, it's time to start thinking about some mood lighting to set the tone.

Adding lighting to your decking is never as difficult as it may seem, and it always adds the perfect touch to any area.

Fairy lights are a cost-effective, quick solution that creates a beautiful ambience and warmth. Attach and hang string lights around the area and revel in the transformation, as your deck becomes an elegant, whimsical extension of your indoor space. If you're really good with your lighting, your guests may even forget that they're outdoors!

Bonus tip: Add rope lighting around steps and the decking edges; this is a cheap way of illuminating your garden features at night and is waterproof against the odd summer shower!


If you wish to create an outdoor extension of your home, but can't decide which room from the home you want to extend, let your seating make the decision for you! Your creativity can get the better of you here.

If you are more of a foodie, you may benefit from adding an outdoor dining area to your decking. Wooden tables and chairs are a perfect addition, and if you complete the set with an umbrella, you can shelter your guests from the summer sun without having to move the party indoors.

If you're more of a cozy, drinks-around-the-fire-type, you may be most interested in turning your decking into an outdoor living room area. Add an outdoor sofa for a comfortable area you can kick back and relax on. You can even bring some warmth outside with the addition of a fire pit and gas lamps! It will be so cozy outside that you may want to stay out under the stars all night!


Speaking of bringing your indoor living outside, why not build a solid foundation for your grilling area/ complete with a built in bar! Any chefs or budding mixologists will be eager to take on this project, and once completed, it will be endless fun to gather around on your outdoor kitchen/bar.

Set the scene on your decking and place your grill in the optimum place for cooking. A DIY kitchen/bar area isn't as difficult as it seems, and many of the necessary materials are easy to get hold of at your local Home Depot!

Mount your glasses and tipple of choice onto a wall by building shelving above your desired bar area. For bar tops, attach a chain to the shelving area and suspend a table top, (bonus, this can be folded up when not in use if you attach hinges to the shelves). Now, there you have it. A bar/kitchen area that can be folded away when not in use (or hidden away from nosey neighbors)!

Personality and Accessories

Add personal touches for some individual flair! Ornaments, cushions, blankets, candles, tiki torches, wind chimes, personalized flower pots… you name it! It's yours to play around with.

Some of the most common deck accessories are stairs, railings, balusters, and post caps. All of these can be chosen or carved to meet your personality and your home's style.

Just make sure your accessories don't get damaged by damp weather.

Make your decking truly individual by decorating in your own personal style preference. Everything you need to customize and create the perfect outdoor living space is available at the Home Depot now. So, get yourself own to Home Depot and let your imagination run wild!

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