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Bad Outdoor Fan or Capacitor or ??

THE PROBLEM: I have a 15 year old York AC system. It's been 95+ for several days outside, the system running often and well. But tonite it stopped cooling, just blowing warm air. Went outside and the fan was stopped. Started the fan with a stick and it ran for 10-15 minutes, then shut off; in that period, no warm air was being "fanned away" by the outdoor unit, only normal ambient air. Also the refrigerent line/from to the outdoor unit was warm and even when the fan ran for 10-15 minutes, still warm air blowing inside the house. I tried this same thing again about 30 minutes later, with same result: fan runs for 10-15 minutes, shuts down, etc. On both occasions the motor was very hot.

QUESTIONS: (1) Is it possible that only the capacitor needs to be replaced, or the fact that the motor ran and became hot and then shut down means that the motor most likely has to be replaced -- or could it be something else (like low freon, or a bad compressor, or bad contactor, etc) ? (2) With the refrigerent line being warm, does this mean that it also needs freon -- or would the line remain warm just because the capacitor or motor wasn't working?

It's miserably hot inside, 85 degrees and humid, at 12 midnite. THANKS FOR ANY QUICK RESPONSES.