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Did the hvac guy look at your unit??????
Started the fan with a stick and it ran for 10-15 minutes, then shut off; in that period, no warm air was being "fanned away" by the outdoor unit, only normal ambient air. Also the refrigerent line/from to the outdoor unit was warm and even when the fan ran for 10-15 minutes, still warm air blowing inside the house.
First here ,dont sound like the compresor was running????????
Can be the big capacitor for the fan and compressor is what you need ,check it out. Dont use a WD 40 oil or the old 3 in one oil in the motor. Only a #10 oil or 3 in one has a oil now just for motors. Dont use the other one.
You might get the hvac guy to look at it. Cap, fan, low freon. bad compressor???????????