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Trane XE70 furnace doesn't light.

Hi everyone!

My 1987 Trane XE70 gas furnace doesn't come on (Model # TUS100A936A). The spark ignition constantly goes tick..tick..tick..tick even if the thermostat doesn't request heat. The furnace has automatic ignition (auto relight pilot), so I assume it is continuously trying to light the pilot. (I don't see a pilot light.) I had a power outage the other day that might have caused this. The furnace was already on since summer.

I already confirmed that it is not the thermostat. Any ideas what it could be? The relight module or the gas valve?

Does anybody have ideas how I could troubleshoot/diagnose/fix this. It's getting pretty cold here.


Here are some pictures of my furnace:

The furnace:

The gas valve:

The relight box:

The tag: