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Using a 125PSI compressor for sprinkler blowout??


I have a small 5 Gal, 125 PSI compressor and I wish to use it to clear out the sprinkler system.

However, some information I have read on sprinklers recommend using a steady 30 CFM at a pressure of only 30 PSI. The high pressure could fracture the pipe and high speed could cause excessive heat and wear. If I fill the tank to 30 PSI, my tank is too small and I bleed all the air in less than a minute.

I thought about adding a 11 Gal portable tank to the system.
Is it possible to connect my 125 PSI compressor with 5 gal tank to an 11 gal tank and then put the regulator on the end? That would give me a 16 gal tank, allowing me to run 30PSI about 3 times longer.

Would this work?

What additional hardware would I need?

Thanks, I appreciate your advice.