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From the FAQ

Retrieving Installer code
Nearly all Ademco family (this includes First Alert, Security Link, and several ADT models) panels can retrieve the Installer code by disconnecting the battery, then the AC power. Wait a minute, then reconnect power in the opposite order. Within 50 seconds, on any keypad press * + # at the same time. Unless the system has had an installer lockout feature activated, the panel should go into program mode. The details by system will vary, but the programming section number that shows on the display will be the location for the installer code (on _most_ panels this will be 20). Key in # and the location number, and the panel will read back the installer code one digit at a time. Exit program mode using *99.

The location will be 20. Just in case, unplug the phone line first (this is also the panic key combo, and if you blow the timing, often monitoring centers will still dispatch to the address of record for panics)

Once you have the installer code.

Back in run mode, not program mode:

Installer code + [8] + 02 + new code to set the new master code.

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