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sewer roof vent pipe iced over

my roof vent is iced over and not venting. I have a temp. fix by unplugging
a cap access on a feeder line. Its cold here 15 below and might get this way now and then thru the winter. I was thinking of another fix...
getting a different cover for the main sewer tank ,if a non concrete one was available.. and putting a 2 inch vent pipe right over the sewer cover
only to use in these extreme conditions ,to vent some of the sewer gas and take some of the pressure off the system. If I didnt do anything
I do have gas seepage thru drains in the house . most of them are taped tightly shut but I need at least one ready to drain in case of flooding waters due to breaks.
To a sewer pro or someone who has dealt with this.. would this work
,this is a rural area and the smell outside is Not an issue at all.
I cant go up on the roof and try to unplug the ice because its too slick and dangerous. I dont have insurance.
Any creative fixes or info appreciated.