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Hey daddy---

Very good of you to catch the mercury safety switch there. That slid right past me until I saw your post. I've never seen a mercury safety system like that on that style of gas valve.

I probably have a 3 pin and 4 pin Mercury safety switch kicking around someplace in my cold inventory, though.

But anyway, getting back to nok, my undestanding is that he has a spark but no pilot lighting. Is there gas coming from the pailot burner or no gas at all?

If there is gas but it's not lighting, the pilot burner and pilot orifice probably need to be cleaned.

If no gas, that could be lack of a gas supply, a gas valve turned off, a burned out gas valve relay or perhaps something else.

If it were me, I'd turn the furnace off and take the pilot tubing out of the gas valve and turn the furnace on to see if gas for the pilot is coming out.