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i have just 2 questions
1st, i have the vista10se and i tried to retrieve the installer codes, but am having problems. I disconected the power and reinstalled, pressed * and # and then #20. the keypad then showed 04 then 01 and beeped a total of 4 times . Is 0401 my installer code?

2nd, should every button on the keypad make a beep noise when i push it, cuz only certain buttons on mine make noise, could my keypad be bad? I only ask because somehow i have armed the system and when i put in 0401 and hit off, it wont shut the armed light off and the alarm goes off 30 sec later, so i now have to leave my alarm disconnected or it will go off. Please help if u can, for i cannot get this thing to work. When entering the installer code, do i just enter it? or do i hit # first or after, Im lost