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Posted By: Flip Flap after i restore power and hit * & # the display shows 04 01 01 01, then i hit *99 to exit, but when i try to enter 4111 to access my program modes, it does nothing. What im really trying to do is just get the door chimes back on, but cannot because i cant enter 4111 then hold the chime button. It looks to me that the 4111 has to be entered to access any program options, correct? Im not sure what u mean when u say what keystrokes im using, is this the 4111?, and when i try to access the address for the keypad nothing happens, I do appreciate ur help, as u have been most helpful, im just not that savy with electronic stuff, thx again. Hopefully it's just something im doin wrong, and not the equipment,,,thx ron!!
if i may butt in
1st try this 41111 did the key pad beep if yes

then try 41119 did the key pad beep and chime will turn on