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How to Hook Up a Window-Mounted Swamp Cooler

I just purchased a window-mounted swamp cooler that is fairly new and has only been used about 4 times. It was installed in the window at the previous owner's house. It was hung from hooks that were installed just under the eave of the roof. The window was smaller in width and height than my office window where I'd like to install it. My office window is the typical size of bedroom windows from houses built around 1978. My window size is approximately 70 inches long by 32-1/2 to 33 inches tall. The approximate measurements of the swamp cooler are 31-1/4 long by 26-5/8 tall by 21-1/2 width. Supposedly the cooler was hung from the eave and then inserted into the window. It was hooked up to a water facet outside by using a T-type system. I have a facet below my office window that would work perfectly for the cooler. I'd like to be able to use the facet for something else if need be rather than just using it for the cooler. Therefore, I'd like to have some type of a T-type system where I could use it for both the cooler and for a hose. I need help with how to install this in my window, i.e. what would be the best way to lock the window after installing, what to do with the space above the swamp cooler since my window is taller than the window that it was previously installed in, how to seal the window to avoid leaks, what pipes or valves are needed. Basically O need general hookup and window-mounted installation information. I would have to get the name and model if that is important but it's outside in the shed at the moment so I thought I'd just ask for some help with the information I already have. Any help would be appreciated. I'd like to get this installed as soon as possible to help with the extreme heat that my computer equipment gives off in my office.

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