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Help with Installing a Window-Mounted Swamp Cooler

I have a few more questions (actually my husband does). What type of piping or hoses should we purchase to hook up to the water facet? Also, is there any problems with the hoses freezing in the winter? I told my husband that you probably drain the hose before winter because we wouldn't be using the swamp cooler in the winter. He wants to know what would be better to install above the unit to fill up the top space between the unit and the top of the window - plywood or plexiglass? Also---what type of sealant should be used? He's going to try to install hooks just below the roof on the eave and hook up two chains that will connect with the cooler. Then install into my office window. Sorry for all of the questions but we want to do this right especially since my window won't be closed and I'll have to get a window lock to secure it as well as securing the upper piece to avoid leaks and keeping our PG&E down.