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I've had the same *&^* problem with my Trane XE70 for 20+ years. After my Larkin furnace man ripped me off 5 times replacing relays and costing me $100's of dollar...I figured the problem out myself. On your second picture from the see that clear "nipple-looking thing"?...Try tapping or moving makes my furnace quit ticking immediately and the furnace comes on. I don't know if that clear nipple is only holding two wires together (like adjoining two common wires) or if it is covering some soldered connection. I would like to take the nipple off and retwist it on to make a better connection, but I am afraid I might break something by trying that. Write me back if this works for you or if you find out anything more ([email protected]). I'd also like to know how & where to oil this furnace, as I am tired of paying $60 service calls (plus, what kind of oil to use.)