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Sorry to (re)bump this thread from the dead, but I'm having this exact problem with my XE70. I've determined that my issue is with the plug-setup as well. I originally thought my issue was in the clear plug shown in the photo labeled "gas valve", but i think it's actually the female end that the plug goes into. I cut off the wire crimp as referenced in the post above mine, and re-soldered the connections. It didn't do anything.
Tonight, I de-pinned all the wires from the plug itself, and re-bent the pins to make sure they were making contact when plugged in. It didn't make a difference (except making the plug fit a bit tighter).

I can jam a nail between the plug and the little block behind it - if i can keep the pressure on the plug at the right angle, the ignitor will light. If not, it will just keep clicking...

It's going to be cold up here the rest of the week, and it would be way cool if i could get this fixed (or at least find some new parts to fix it) so my girlfriend stops complaining.

Thanks ahead of time.