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Unfortunately we are in an apartment, so we can't make those types of upgrades. I can only do this upgrade because it's very simple, and all it's going to take in terms of alterations to the building is two screws inside my closet to mount the transformer. One of the reasons we specifically want the Nest is for safety re: the floor furnace. The Nest has motion sensors/auto away functionality and ability to remote control via iPhone app. This is important because about a week ago, the dog dropped a tennis ball on the floor furnace while we were watching a movie, and the whole room filled with smoke before we noticed. We managed to catch it since we were home, but it'd be great to have the thermostat shut off the heat automatically if we forget to do so, and also great to have the ability to shut it off even faster via the iPhone app (e.g. if we remember that we forgot to turn it off when we're half way to our destination).

On a related note, I upgraded our fire alarm to a dual sensor (ionizing/photoelectric) model so that it will better detect smoldering fires.