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air coil

My air handler coil is corroded badly. However it seems to work fine. Do I need to replace the entire handler or can I just purchase a coil to replace the one thats corroded? Is it normal for the handler to run a few seconds after the outside unit has cut off?
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If either coil is corroded to the point that air flow is restricted or it's leaking it will need replaced. This is not a DIY project and depending on the age of the system it may be a wiser choice to replace the whole system. If this is the indoor coil it could cost upwards of $500 - $800 dollars and if the system is 10 + years old you would be much better off replacing the whole thing.
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I am with Matt on that. Replace the whole system if it's 10+ years old. You'll save money in the long run by doing that than just "patching" it up.

As for the fan inside run a bit longer after the outside unit is ok. Some unit has a timer to allow the fan to run abit longer to get rid of the extra cool that it has left rather than just wasting it.
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You dont say where your at down here. But if your near the ocean are even away from it you will find that the coils for the AC out side and inside go out fast here. Its just in th air. That delayed blower shut off on the units is in a way like Jay said .But it is there so the unit get a higher seer with it on.
You will also find that you have to spray all your tools with WD 40 all the time also .
Also down here if you put a new unit in make sure that they put in a time delay on the compressor for when the power goes off and on. Think a seer of 14 and no heat pump just strip heaters

If you live right on the ocean Think about 3 years tops for the outdoor unit. have a friend down in the Keys thats about all he gets


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