Cooling problem (freon?); ancient Borg Warner York

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Cooling problem (freon?); ancient Borg Warner York

Well, nothin' like waking up to the fact that your central A/C in your apartment is working for doo-doo!!! My central heat-a/c unit is a Borg-Warner York, model number M1UF024AA, and looks to be from the Stone Age (my guess is that it's damn near 30 years old). When I first moved into this damn place, it was making a lot of squeaking noise, and the apartment complex's flunkie came by to replace the belt and oil the blower motor. That didn't help a damn, so I opened up the bowels of the ancient system, and found alot of the noise was coming from the fact that the motor is on some kind of sliding metal bars thingy, and the noise was coming from the motor's metal bar squeaking against those bars. Nothing a little cardboard in between the bars couldn't fix. But, the A/C has always sounded like a jet taking off, and now, I think it may be low on freon. Reason? Noticed last night it was starting to get hot in my house, so I went to turn the thermostat from 76 to 75. Normally, within a few minutes, I feel cool air rushing over me in the bedroom, and that's that. Well, it never seemed to cool down, so I looked at the refrigerant lines of the A/C, and felt only a slight variation from room temperature regarding the lines. What I'm wondering is this; shouldn't ONE of the two lines be damn near white-hot to the touch (the one without the black foam padding on it)? My A/C stayed on for about an hour before it shut off at 75, but the refrigerant line never got hot (lukewarm, at best). I can hardly wait to see what the landlord will do for this; their repair flunkie previously told me this unit was "scheduled for replacement" when I first moved in here; yeah right, in 2046??? And this is supposed to be an "upscale" apartment!!! I'm so tired of dealing with landlords that I'm looking to buy to quit having to deal with these lazy (and cheap) so and sos!!! At least if I need a repair if I own, I can call someone and have them out right away, as opposed to dealing with a landlord that drags their feet...
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There's about a hundred things that could be wrong.

The refrigerant lines when the unit is running: The small uninsulated one should be farely warm and the insulated one should be cool to the touch.

Do you know which outdoor unit belongs to you?

Is your filter clean?
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Filter is clean; the non-insulated line feels now like room temperature, and the ductwork air feels like there is a VERY little cold air coming from it. Don't know which unit is mine, but I'll try to figure it out.

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