Mold in Air Handler

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Mold in Air Handler

What is the proper method for getting rid of mold in an air handler unit?

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I did this...

When I moved into my condo 1 year ago, the people in there smoked and they also never maintained their Carrier unit. The place stunk of cigarette smoke and there was black mold everywhere. I had the ducts cleaned and sanitized before I moved in thinking everything was good to go. Unfortunately, not enough sanitizing spray was sprayed onto the A-coil. I found this out later - both my roommate and I were having allergy and sinus problems and we couldn't figure out what was going on. We just thought it was maybe due to seasonal allergies, etc. I had to get my blower motor replaced a few months back and when I took the cover off, I noticed there was still black mold on the A-coil fins.

I bought some evaporator coil cleaner (comes in aerosol cans from a place called 'Hygeia chemicals' an online store). I think it was called Cobra coil cleaner. I sprayed 2 cans' worth onto both sides of the A-coil. It's great because it's non-acidic and as long as the unit produces moisture, you don't have to rinse it. I think some here will recommend that you use a 50/50 solution of water/bleach to scrub the handler down. (Also, when you say handler, I'm not sure what parts you are referring to). With this aerosol stuff, wherever it contacts metal, it foams up and brings the dirt and mold to the surface.

My A-coil looked brand new after this treatment. I was curious to know where all of this dirt and stuff went and I'm assuming it got blown through the ducts, etc. and just re-pollute the air - but that never happened and now my roommate and I don't have any problems at all. I also just bought 2 Sharper Image GP(germicidal protection) ionic breeze units and man, these things work great!

I think the A-coil cleaner will solve your problem if the mold is in the coil. If it's spread throughout the rest of the handler as well, I think scrubbing with the 50/50 solution should get it, but with this mold stuff, it hides everywhere. You'd best hire someone to come in and sanitize with that EPA-approved stuff.

Just my 2 cents from personal experience. I'm sure the old-timers on this board know exactly what to do.
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Id clean the coil real good like said here. Then put a UV light in the duct work also call Germicidal light.
Might try


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