A-Coil cleaning


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A-Coil cleaning

Ok im looking at my A-Coil and I see a metal strip on top of it (holding it together) and Two screws..is this what I would take off to remove the coils themselves to clean them? Ive tried the bleach/water solution but the unit still freezes up. I want to verify that they are not the problem before I have my system recharged with freon. Also what is included in a "service call" do they check everything then tell you a price or do they look at what you think might be the problem?

thanks a ton.

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You DO NOT want to attempt this. If you try to remove your coill you'll let all the refrigerant out if there is any in there.

When you say it's freezing up pretty quick, you are putting the service door on before turning the a/c on right?

If it's all buttoned up and thawed out and you turn it on....How long does it take to start freezing over?? If it's pretty quick like 1/2 hour or so, and your coil is clean and the filter is clean and all your return and supply ducts are clear then you have no choice other than calling in a pro. It's either low on refrigerant, a mechanical problem, or a restriction in the refrigeration circuit.

When you call them in just tell them it's freezing up and they will go from there. They shouldn't take more than 30 minutes or so to figure it out, so the service cxharge should cover the check out. They will then tell you what you're into and go from there.
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Ok thanks

Im going to try some A-Coil cleaner first. I have a bud whom was an A/C tech. Told me to try the foam cleaner first. If that did not work then its prolly freon.
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? Ive tried the bleach/water solution but the unit still freezes up.
Call the hvac tech so he can put some freon in it. Also have him find the leak and fix it.

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Ok Knock on wood

I think I found the problem. I cleaned the top of the A-Coil but did not clean the bottom. It was filthy. I scraped and sprayed that Coil cleaner on it, and alot of it came off. Still some on it. Gonna finish the job morrow. A/C is on no freezing yet. Coil is cold but not frosted. No frost inside the a/c either. OUtside coil is cool, not frosted. A/C seems to be blowing A LOT harder than it used to.

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