Air Conditioner Rattles!


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Angry Air Conditioner Rattles!

Hello. I am not sure anyone has some constructive advice, but let me try to explain. First, our (central) A/C unit is exterior to our condo. Both are about 15 yrs old. When we turn on the A/C, a HORRIBLE buzzing/rattling comes from the unit. It can be heard by so many neighbors Iím embarrassed to turn it on. Additionally, sometimes its louder and longer (say 10 seconds) other times you can barely hear it. It appears the weather may have something to do with this.

We have had a few people come out and look at it in the past.
Nobody has fixed it, and now with summer rapidly approaching Iím debating doing some home repair...before I spend the $$$ to replace.

Any advice would be most appreciated.

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Has this noise always been around or just started??

Is the case/cover lose?

Compressor mounted well to the base?

The whole unit sitting solid to the ground/pad?

What brand/model do you have?
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We have had a few people come out and look at it in the past.
I dont get why no one has found out what the noise is for you. Yes it could be able to be fixed.

BUT at 15 years That is about the life of most AC units. Yes some do run a lot longer. For what you want Id go for a new AC unit inside and out. Also get a higher SEER and save $$$ that way. Be sure and get 3 bids for the job

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Model Number...

Sorry it took me a day to get back. Been working late...
Anyway, here we go:

Manufacturer: Carrier
Model: 38EN036300

It has been making the noise for some least a year.
And as stated, it sporatic in when it will happen (weather related?) and how loud it will be.

Thanks again for your feedback

ps: any ideas how much an Energy Star compliennt Central A/C for a 1000 sqft condo sould set me back these days?

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Sounds like the compressor is starting under a load and after it gets going all is ok. Could be weak valves or several other things. A good tech should be able to trouble shoot it on site. But for sure at 15 years old don't sink much into it.

No idea on price, you really should get a few bids on the job from established dealers.
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Thanks Again!

I appreciate everyone's feedback
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mine was

As far as price goes you should check around. Not just the major companys but some independents. Ask people you know, if you if they have had any good experience with AC replaced. I recently got a qoute from a major com. who wanted 16,500 dollars to put in a 4 ton and 3 ton with all the duct work.

I found a place to buy direct and the units only cost $1200 for a 3 ton and $800 for a 2 ton. That was an Armstrong unit. Yes it only has a 10 yr war. instead of a 15yr, but for the price I will come out better with the cheaper and just replace them "IF" they go out sooner. Have been running my units with no problem for 18 months now, no problems with light bill or cooling or heating. Even though they wanted me to have 7 tons instead of the 5 tons I installed on a well insulated 3500 sq ft house.

another way to get more bang for your buck is to put another 3.5" of insulation rap around your duct work this will improve your eff. where you don't loose as much through your duct work.

Check it by running unit and checking temp at an outlet/insulate it with 3.5" and recheck temp. should get 5 to 10 deg cooler just from that.

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