what parts of my system need to be replaced?

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nola mike
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what parts of my system need to be replaced?

still moving slowly forward to the conclusion that my system needs replaced...
how important are different parts of the system, and what should i replace? obviously, everything is best, but since i'll only be here 2 more summers, i'm inclined to cut corners a bit (i know, i know...)

the blower fan was replaced just before i moved in last year--with what, i don't know.

i'll need to replace condenser (and probably upgrade from 3-->3.5 ton unit), and with that the evap coil. am i ok staying with the rest of the current air handler, or will that necessarily need to be replaced also?

luckily, i've finally got a lead on a tech to help me out a bit more...
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I would replace the outdoor unit, line set (If diffrent size is needed, and change in Ref type), and the coil.

When you say air handler, is the coil built into the air hander or is it a another part added onto the air handler? Is this system coool only? or Heat pump?

Why gonig to a larger system?? Did the dealer do a load caluc on the home and results shows?
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nola mike
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no firm decisions yet, but i'm assuming (i'm going to have charge checked again) that current 3 ton sys is working ok, just undersized (house heats up to 83' on relatively mild 94' day, compressor running non-stop); in addition, i'll be adding another 400sq ft to the main living space in the next couple of months. i'll have a load calc done before any final decisions. system is cool/elec heat; not sure what you mean by "built into" air handler; fully elec system, no heat pump, no separate gas/oil furnace if that's what you mean. why would i need to replace the line set? r-22 would be both systems, replacing line set would increase the amount of work significantly.
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If you increase the tonnage make sure your blower is rated at 400 cfm p/ton. So for the 3.5 ton you will need at least 1400 - 1600 cfm of air moving across the coil for proper operation. Also if you increase the size get a "Manual D" calculation along with the load calculation. "Manual D" will tell you if your duct work is sized properly to handle the added air flow.

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