10 Seer/13 Seer


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10 Seer/13 Seer

I am new to this particular forum, so if this topic has been beat to death, I apologize.

Regarding post-Jan 2006:

Is there any consensus on these two situations:

How do you replace a compressor in a 10 SEER condensing or heat pump unit with a new 13 SEER compressor? Can you get away with not changing the line set or the inside coil?

Can you replace a complete condensing or heat pump unit (10 SEER) with a new 13 SEER unit; again what about the lines and the coils?

Are the manufacturer making any definitive recomendations? What tack are the pros planning to take in this situation? I have heard that 10 SEER units and parts may be available well into the year, due to inventories, but obviously at some point the well will run dry.
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10/13 Seer

Usually, you don't put a 13 SEER compressor in a 10 SEER condensor. It would be an awful waste of money & the compressor would likely crap out in little time. That being said, sometimes they are the same compressor & the efficiency difference comes in with the coils, fans, & controls.
On some equipment, you could replace the outdoor unit alone & still be ok with warranty but you would not get the 13 SEER, probably somewhere closer to 11 SEER. Again a waste of money.
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These are the issues I am trying to learn about, because if I am correct then after Jan 2006 you will not be able to find a replacement 10 SEER compressor. This seems like a big issue that will have to be dealt with. I have heard things like go up 1/2 ton, etc. But I am trying to learn if there is any definitive info out there.

I re-read your answer and you are saying that it isn't the compressor itself which makes a 13 SEER but the coils and other components? So, compressor replacement might still be available; but to replace the whole condensor, then there are issues?
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The seer takes into account the indoor and outdoor equipment. The compressor in the 10 seer may be the same as in the 12 seer but the 12 seer may have an insulation blanket on the compressor and the indoor unit may have a fan-off delay and better cabinet insulation. That increases the seer. If you put a 12 seer condensing unit in with a 10 seer evaporator, you will definitely not get 12 seer but may get more than 10. In my area where electric is .08/kwh and we have 1000 cooling hours, the difference between 10 and 12 seer amounts to about $14/year savings. Nothing to knock your socks off.

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What part of the country are you located?? Just because they raise the bar on the minumum seer don't mean you wont be able to get parts for a 10 seer. Parts will still be plentiful for years to come.
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