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We live in South Florida, the past two months, approximately 1-2x per week our AC Handler Breaker trips. We have had the entire Carrier AC Unit inspected/cleaned last week, Handler was supposedly "packed with dirt" - located on the ceiling of our (inside) garage.

So...AC expert cleaned, but the unit is still tripping (of course this happens at 3am). When i RESET the AC Handler Breaker (the only one that trips) there is a brief/nano-second Flash of Light near the corner (garage ceiling) wherein the AC Handler is located.

The AC Expert also noted that there was a "crack in our drain pan." This looks to me, where he applied duct tape, to be two pieces of sheetmetal, joined by screws some 20" apart, separating - rather than duct tape, I asked him if he could simply pound the two pieces back together with a rubber hammer, but I think laziness and perhaps dreams of a new Drain Pan/AC Handler took precendence. So the duct tape remains and is still sticking but...

To recap, one set of AC (handler) Breakers are tripping usually at night 1-2x per week. The Serviceman out last week noted a "crack in the drain pan" and that the "AC Handler was packed with dirt then cleaned." The Drain Pan looks to be, sheet metal, not fitting together anymore, but to me it appears that a push on one side, reseting of screws, could solve this problem. Am I perhaps correct in assuming the Warm Air from the Garage could be entering the Drain Pan/Handler wherein there lies the sheet metal separation making the unit work overtime and TRIP THE BREAKER?


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This might not be the air handler at all!

First, look for the suggested amperage protection on the data plate. Look in the breaker box and does it match?
Next, you need to put it under a load and measure the amp draw of the unit. It should not draw more than 80% of the breaker protection.
If you can ID where the spark is comming from, you might find a short. If you suspect the fan motor run it constantly for at least an hour. If the bearings are bad it will heat up and seize ,and MAY trip the breaker. You just might have a weak breaker...Thats a start...

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