Interior Hallway Walls Sweating


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Interior Hallway Walls Sweating

My wife and I have a brick split level home. In the top most story, there is an interior hallway. We have noticed that on really hot days, there is some condensation on the walls in this hallway. The condesation is a clear redish-orange color and appears to be forming within a foot of the ceiling and running down. There are 2 return AC vents in this hallway near the floor but no registers. One either side of the hallway are 2 bed rooms on the left and 1 bed room, a bathroom, and a closet that has access to the actic on the right. The bedrooms and the bathroom have AC registers as well as returns. The closet with actic access has neither and is also getting some condensation.

I assume this issue is caused because the air in bed rooms and bathrooms being cooler than the hallway and closet. The closet is the hotest part of the house. The hallway would be the next warmest, although not nearly as hot as the closet.

To address this, we have left the ceiling fans on in the bed rooms.

Is this a major issue? What else can we do to combat it? Would installing a ceiling fan in the hallway help. I think there is enough room for a 30 inch fan, although just barely.

Any advice would be grealy appreciated.
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This is a strange one. Yes it needs to be addressed sinc mold will gro. It sounds like there is cold air blowing behind the wall like a duct has seperated somewhere.
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Ducts in attic?

Is the air handler or any ductwork in the attic? If not, unless you have a roof leak, I am with Mattison in thinking a duct has come apart & is blowing cold air up into the wall.
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There isn't any duct work in the attic/ac equipment in the attic.

I don't think its a roof leak since it has happened on days when it rained. The roof is only about a year old.

I suppose it could be an ac duct leaking cold air into that area, but I think this is unlikely since the cool air registers that are in the rooms adjancent to the hallway are on the far side of the room from the hallway. Also we have noticed this sweating on both sides of the hallway, so there would have to be two seperate AC duct leaks.

We put a box fan in that hallway yesterday and left it on low all day to hopefully circulate cooler air into that hallway, and we didn't see any of the sweating. We also left the closet partially open. We didn't see any of the sweating in that closet either.

A friend at the office thinks that because its an older house (built in 1959) with plaster walls, with presumably many layers of paint, the walls have a reduced ability to breath and thus condendation forms. He suggests having an air register installed into the hallway.
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Sorry to reply to an old thread, but I just found this.

We have a two story home with the same problem on the upstair interior hallway and part of the stairwell. Redish-orange drops forming near the ceiling and running down. Looks like a cola splattered all along the walls. Happens on hot humid days.

My upstairs is a metal roof that extends down to above the first floor. There are ventalaton ducts in the attack and ceiling registers in the bedrooms,but no registers or returns in the hall. It is a lot warmer upstairs then downstairs.

I added attic vents and repaired a few small roof leaks last fall, but it started again this week. (June 2013)

It wipes off easy with a sponge mop.

Have you found a solution jphillips?
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Wjbzone you need to go back and ad your own post and make sure your location is in your profile.
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Anyone in the house a smoker? Smoke in the house? Any one with a previous owner's family smoke in the house? What you describe sounds like nicotine on the walls being washed off from extremely high humidity.

Get an inexpensive humidity meter (about ten bucks) at a discount department store and measure the humidity. I'll bet it is close to 90% in the vicinity of where this is occurring.
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Some good thoughts from Furd.

I might add the fact upstairs is almost always warmer than down when a single system does both floors.
A couple of ways to help this is to add returns upstairs & run the fan "on". Variable speed fans, with the proper thermostat & fan settings, will run very slowly & just enough to keep the air moving without being noisy.

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