What if there is not enough freon


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What if there is not enough freon

The technician said there is a leak in the refrigerant sunction line accumolater and he replaced it. When he was putting back the freon, it seems like he don,t have enough freon with him. ( I was watching him switch from one tank to another ,and then back again, even turning the tank upside down. The tanks seemed to be empty or almost empty to my observation..When he was done, I ask if he was able to put enough freon in it, and he said "IT WILL BE OK." The system is working fine. The house gets cool. But if the tech only put say 90 per cent of the total freon the system would need, does this mean the system will work harder and longer to reach a set temperature setting thereby using more energy?
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Low charge

It will not operate as efficiently as it should & it could freeze up. I suggest you call the service company, tell them of your concerns, & ask to have someone come back & make sure the system is properly charged. If this has been recent (within the last week or so) I would certainly expect them to do so & at no charge except maybe for the additional refrigerant.
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You were probably witnessing tech frustration, when a refrigerant tank gets below say 20% full and you are trying to add to a nearly full system the silly tank freezes up and pressures go below the amount needed to push the refrigerant in, he probably forgot his electric tank heater or it was broken. It is always best to use a tank heater on near empty tanks, it prevents TECH FRUSTRATION LOL you are probably OK on charge level he was probably changing tanks over to get one that had unthawed a bit and had more pressure. Sound like he was a bit unprepared to do your job, happens to the best of us sometimes. Did you receive a check list sheet with the superheat/subcooling/DeltaT/Amp draw data etc.?
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I agree your probably ok. I've been there done that. If he had a 5 gal bucket he could have just got some warm water and charged away.
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