How long will coil take to thaw.

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Unhappy How long will coil take to thaw.

Thanks to your forum, we figured out that our AC coil had frozen due to a dirty filter, and that is why we could not get any air through the vents. We changed our way dirty filter and turned the ac off. We read here that we needed to let it thaw, but for how long. We are dying if heat. Our home has climbed to 84 degrees and is going higher by the hour. Any ideas?
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I would tape a piece of paper to a vent...just a when you get good airflow it will wave like a streemer.
then switch the heay cool switch to OFF
then switch the fan from AUTO to ON
this will start the blower and will thaw your condenser in about 30 min to 1 hour.
If you just let it sit to thaw, it will take 1-2 hours.
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Thanks so much!

The air is flowing strong now...can we turn the ac on now?
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Or undo the screws in the plenum where the coil is, and stick a hair dryer in there.

Or... open up the plenum there and turn on your furnace...or turn it on briefly in increments. Obviously with the coils blocking the flow, the heat will at least hit the coils and deflect out the opening where you removed the screws.


I worked on an a/c unit Saturday night while the guy had his stereo system blasting, with his girl friend over, and they were burning candles, drinking specialty beers... and I figured they wanted their privacy so they could enjoy each other more. But I asked him if I could see the old filter he took out yesterday, because supposedly the coils iced up (they were thawed when I got there). It was all carboned up and caved in and you couldn't hardly see daylight through it! It was candle soot. That alone could have iced the coils. I got a 58 degree register read and felt this is not the coolest it MIGHT be able to put out... but I don't know the history on this unit (sizing, blower speed, etc.) and what kind of output to expect. It could also be somewhat low on refrigerant. I accessed the outside unit at the top and at the contactor and found the compartment SOLID with grass, etc., as some mouse must have made a nest. What a mess. Some of the wires had only partial insulation on them and the contactor terminals were all rusted and the housing of the Heil unit was rusty in there. Yet the thing worked perfectly! I had to reassemble it all quickly after cleaning out everything after confirming the compressor was running fine, as a bad storm headed in and I no sooner buttoned her up and it started to pour. I'm going back there tomorrow to take another reading and to peak in above the furnace where the coils are, to see if there is any more ice. And there WAS ice because the tell tale sign was the water around the base of the furnace on the floor.

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