Help with A/C - not cooling

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Help with A/C - not cooling


I've been having a hell of a time with our central A/C unit this year, and have had two repair men out to fix it - neither of which did ANYTHING at all. They both told me it was "working fine" which is complete BS as anyone with a temperature sense should realize when standing in my house

The unit is only ONE year old. It is a Concord model CCU10C24A-1.

When we first turned it on for the summer I noticed it was taking a MUCH longer time to cool the house down than it had last year (over 24 hours to cool the house by just 3 degrees C). I checked the copper pipes coming from the compressor unit - the small one was not very warm to the touch, and the large one was only slightly cold.

I figured the unit was low on freon somehow, so called the repair guy. He showed up when I wasn't here, which is unfortunate because I'm really the only person in the house with any technical knowledge. My sister was home and said he spent about 5 minutes outside looking at the unit, then came back ANGRY saying we were waisting his time because the freon level was "perfectly fine".

I figured he must know what he's talking about (lol) and hey, the unit DID cool the house...just very slowly (and running constantly).

That was about a month ago.

This morning I turned on the A/C again as it's looking to be hot over the next week. When I got home from work the house was warmer than when I had left. I noticed the air flow from the vents was rather low, so I turned off the A/C for a while to let the coils de-ice. I watched the drain over the next half hour and quite a lot of water came out. When it stopped flowing, I turned the unit back on...but this time I think it's gone.

The outside fan is blowing and I THINK I can hear the compressor running but I can't be 100% sure on that one. The small copper pipe is COOL to the touch, the large one is the SAME temp (just cool).

I also can not hear ANY of that low hiss noise coming from the copper tubes on the inside of the house - which I think is the sound of the freon moving through them normally?

Anyway, I'm going to call the repair guy (again!) tomorrow but it would be cool if I had some idea to tell him when he gets here!

Any ideas?
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Well first off DON'T call that repair guy again most likly he will just come out and complain again. Check to see if the inside blower is running. When you have the A/C on check to see if the coil in the air handler is frozen. If so check the filters and clean them.If that does not help Than you may have a leak some where. Did your sister say what he did.Did he check anything or just stand around for 5 minutes and complain. I would complane to the company that sent him out.How often do you clean or change the filters.
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I Had Pretty Much The Same Problem With My Unit A Few Years Ago. First Of All If The Coils Are Freezing Often Then There Is Something Wrong!! Dont Let Those Repair Guys Tell You Otherwise!! The Coil That Feels "slightly" Cold As You Said Should Feel "very" Cold. Another Indication That Something Is Wrong. My Problem Turned Out To Be,1..the Wrong Type Of Filter, My Unit Itself Needed Cleaned Badly Due To Those Darn Puffy White Things That Blow Around In The Air From Certain Trees And Obvious Enough..i Had A Few Vents That Were Clogged Under My Home. Believe It Or Not That Alone Can Cause Your Unit To Overheat And Malfunction..also,you May Have A Circulation Problem Causing It To Freeze Up. I Hope I Have Offered You Some Help. Good Luck!!

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