2 new fans and Capacitor, outside fan still stops

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Unhappy 2 new fans and Capacitor, outside fan still stops

Howdy Everyone.

We have an Itertherm system 12 sir (I can get more specifics later if needed) that we have had very good service from for almost 9 years now. Recently the fan on the outside unit stopped turning, a local A/C repairman looked at it and said the fan was getting stiff and was able to start it up again with a screw driver by spinning it, he left and returned with a new fan motor and replaced it.

Almost every day since then the fan will shut off while the compressor continues to gurgle away making the outter housin extremely hot of course. We can turn it off for a short time, some times only 15 minutes and it will work again just fine for an hour or so give or take then go off again.

The A/C repair man has replaced the fan again and replaced the capacitor and still every day during the heat of the day, the fan only will shut off and the compressor will continue to run on. This only occurs during the heat of the day, when the weather cools down the outside unit works just fine.

We do live in Texas and have had some record heat days of recent and the unit unfortunately is in the direct sunlight on the north side of the house most all day, but this issue had never occurred before in the 9 years we have had it and we have had hot days in the past too.

When it goes off you can spin the blades freely with no affect and it does not want to start again until it has cooled (so we believe.)

After all that we have done so far to fix a fan that seems to stop prematurely and had no luck, we are confused as to why it is doing this, any ideas that might help?

My Wife and I have began to wonder if maybe the unit is being told to stop and the fan does but the compressor does not, but if this were the case then why would it work fine when the outside air cools down.

Yea I know all indications above are that the fan is overheating and shutting down, but why now after 9 years and right after the fan was replaced 2 times?

My Wife and I are concerned this cycle will eventually cause more serious damage to the unit as well.

Please Help, Thank You.


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I think, in this case, replace the contactor. It's hard to swallow the cap or motor being new AND bad...but it does happen. The contactor could be burned and/or fouled with ants, other insects, or even lizards. Older units used one side of the contactor to break one side of the fan and the other to break only one side of the compressor so it could easily happen the way you describe. $15 or so is cheap to rule out the contactor as the problem.

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