Am I being scammed with different A/C brands?


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Exclamation Am I being scammed with different A/C brands?

1 contractor is trying to sell me a TRANE XB13 system and says AmeriStar is crap equipment.
A 2nd contractor is trying to sell me Ameristar equipment telling me that Trane, American Standard, and AmeriStar is all owned by the same company, will all brands made with the same parts at the same factory in Texas... which he claims to have visited.

The 1st contractor says the AmeriStar is junk... buy Trane.

The 2nd contractor says 'Don't waste your money on a brand-name when all the inside parts are EXACTLY the same'. He even said he'll sell me a Trane system for $500 more, but that I'm wasting my money.

Who's telling the truth?
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Yes they are the same company And just some parts are the same. Trane units are a better grade Id say more durable better warranties.

Now I dont get why they are selling a seer of just 13 that is as low as you can go now. We sell the XL15i or better if you go for a seer of 15 or more . You can get a $300 tax credit from the IRS. and a $50 for a V/S blower. Now if you put in new heat and AC you can get a 10 year warranty on it all.
I all way say get 3 bids for the same job AND the one that has been around for a long long time

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They are all the same. Just diffrent name on the unit.

I'd go with #2, didn't seem like he was bashing other brands.. When someone is bashing brand, they are not good dealer.

I have Trane in my own home and been very happy with it. But any brand that is been installed right will last just as long as any of them.
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A professional contractor would be expected to have an opinion about quality of brands, based on his experience. Coming on so strongly negative could lead one to suspect it it just high pressure sales.

A big part of an HVAC job is the quality of the install, and the reliability of the contractor, because he is the one who has to stand behind the warranty. If he is a flake, you will have a hard time getting warranty service if the need arises.

Maybe try one or two more estimates....see if you get a warm fuzzy feeling about a contractor.
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I'll tell you how I view and make decisions on name brand vs off-brand equipment. Usually the equipment is the same with the differences being in warranty and price. Some bargains can be had by purchasing the off-brand. BUT will a local supplier be carrying the off-brand down the road in a few years when you need a warranty or replacement part?

Around here we have seen suppliers change the equipment they carry quite often. Then tracking down parts becomes a pain. Major manufacturers maintain a presence in our market and rarely do we have issues finding parts.

Just helped my cousin make a decision between Trane and American Standard. Given my feelings above, his savings were enough for me to recommend American Standard over the Trane.

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I noticed this question while surfing the net. It was asked a while back, but I was compelled to give my opinion. I am a HVAC contractor in Florida who sells Trane, American Standard, and Ameristar equipment. They all use the same functional components, the quality of the parts are of the same standard. They do not use a grading system to determine if a part should go in to a Ameristar, but not a American Standard or Trane, or visa versa.
Differences are in warranties, cosmetics and prices.
In my opinion you can't go wrong with any of their equipment, I think they are the best.
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Trane, American Standard, Ameristar

I am a licensed (in SC) HVAC contractor and have been in this business since 1984.
As has been said already, these 3 units have the same 'core' design which fall under the parent company American Standard. They are all great equipment (virtually the same). As was stated in another reply, the basic components are the same, some of the appearances have been changed to extend the 'parent company's' marketing ability.
It's kind of like buying a GMC truck vs. a Chevrolet truck. They both use the same design and structure, but they look slightly different from one another. The customer may prefer the looks of one over the other, but the core of the vehicles are the same!
p.s. You will find the same with Carrier: Bryant, Day&Night, and Payne are all products which fall under the same parent company of Carrier.
Further example: Some of you 'end-users' have heard of the following: Heil, Arco Air, Comfortmaker. You guessed it! These are all the same core design with basic appearance changes.

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