How To Remove Fan Blades From Motor Shaft

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Red face How To Remove Fan Blades From Motor Shaft

I am replacing the Condenser Fan Motor that has the fan blades attached to the shaft. There is a set bolt in the blade housing that fits the fan to the shaft. Is it normal that it would have to be pulled off with a puller or should it just slide off. Of course, it has been on the shaft for 10 years so I do expect it to be rusted on, which it is. I have sprayed it with some B'laster PB penetrating spray to help with the rust and the stuck on problem and hope that does the trick. If I use a puller on it I am afraid that I will bend the fan base and screw that up. Is there an easy way to get this fan off of the motor shaft without having to end up replacing the fan too?

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You could try holding the shaft (close to the motor) with vice grips and using a channel lock on the hub of the blade and try turning it to break the rust. First uses emery paper to sand the shaft after the hub. Also just keep soaking it. It will be some work.

If that does not work, where you get the motor pick up a new blade.
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grab a friend to hold the fan blade at the center (the hub) letting the motor hang below.

take a punch and a hammer and tap, TAP I say, the shaft using the hammer to drive the punch.

Remember the word TAP.
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removing fan blade

Take the setscrew out completely and stash it someplace where it won't go astray. Spray the rustbuster into the setscrew hole as well as at the spot [both sides, top and bottom] where shaft and blade bore meet. Let it set awhile [10 minures, read the wiring diagram on the new motor while your waiting, matter of fact make a sketch of it on the box the new motor came in because once you install the motor you'll be like- how does it hook up again? and the diagram will be hard to see] If there is any shaft sticking out beyond the top of the blade, clean that off. If the re is any flat spot on the shaft underneath the blade, tighten an adjustable wrench onto the flat otherwise grab the shaft with a pair of ROUND JAW vise grips. Work the blade and shaft back and forth until the blade loosens up, adding more rustbuster if needed. Once the blade is loose, continue to work it back and forth while adding some pulling pressure towards the end of the shaft. If you're careful, you'll remove the blade without bending the wings. Before you install the blade on the new mtor, clean out the bore and wipe out the rustbuster, Then apply some anti-sieze compound into the bore and a little on the shaft. Also apply the anti-sieze to the threads on the setscrew. Be sure to tighten he setscrew onto the flat section of shaft on the new motor and NOT on the round part. When you think you have the setscrew pretty tight, see if you can get a little more on it without stripping it out. The setscrew needs to be as TIGHT as possible. Followi the wiring diagram closely and check your hookup THREE times before applying power. If you've got it wrong you get one shot and motors are not returnable. Remember the rule- new motor, new capacitor. Need more help? give us a holler. Thanks
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Ok, I did all of the above... except the part where I "get a friend to hold,etc.". Took about 5 minutes of sanding, twisting, spraying, soaking and pulling and it came off without bending the blades.

Thank you all very much for the very fast responses to my simple minded question.

I put the fan on the new motor, wired everything up, checked it not 3 times, I checked it 5 times to be sure everything was correct.

Fired it up and it is running like a charm. I sure am glad that this went bad now instead of when it was 100 degrees and 100% Humidity. This all worked out very well.

Thanks again.
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You had all kind of ways to get the fan off the motor shaft. Now that it is off and back on Ill add this . clean the shaft of rust ,WD 40 it take the set screw out then with a small pipe the just fits over the motor shaft. Take and tap the blade down some on the motor shaft. Then it should just pull up off the shaft.
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Sounds good, glad it worked out ok. You also saved a bunch of money.
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I know that all the old hands know this but it may help someone who has a really stubborn blade. Simply cut the shaft off between the balde and the old motor sand the shaft a bit and spray with penetrating oil. Set the piece over the jaws of your vice with the vice jaws open enough to let the shaft go thru but still catch the blade center body securely, now use a punch and hammer to drive that puppy outta thar. There is a blade puller on the market actually several different types but I have found it real easy to cut the shaft with a hacksaw and drive the shaft out, I think I actually have a brand new 10 year old blade puller still in it original unopened box LOL
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hub puller

I have one of those and use it all the time... but in a pinch, you can put two large screw drivers under it to pry the hub upward, I saw at Johnstone they sell a hammer and one of those auto mechanic split forks, I think they call it a tie rod end separator??? The wedge shape would do nicely. If I see lots of rust I always install a new blade too! They're cheap, and if the old blade is out of balance at all, the motor will prematurely fail. Sometimes saving the customer the price of a $25.00 blade will cost him dearly, and save me 15 minutes labor charge.
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I had the same problem but found a different solution. I dremeled the end of the shaft with a wire brush and the fan blades slipped right off.
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