Coil cleaner.


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Coil cleaner.

What do you recomend? The book says a mild detergent can be used. So what are my choices? Its for the condensor. Thanks.
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Their are so many coil cleaners out their on the market. What I use in VA know body has heard of on the west cost. You can use something like simple green, 409, etc. Just make sure you wash the coils off good.
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If you can access a HVAC supply house and purchase the pro materials they will come in several categories. The main two categories are acid and nonacid cleaner. A acid type cleaner (Fominator etc.) is typically used on the outdoor section it must be thoroughly rinsed as the acid will destroy the coil if left on it and yes it kills the grass and shrubs in the area if not thoroughly diluted with water. Man this stuff will clean a coil like nobodys business, the coil will shine like a brand spanking new one LOL The nonacid type of cleaner is also known as nonrinse and it is designed for use on evaporator coils where a thorough wash down would be impractical, it does not clean nearly as well as the Acid cleaner but is much more effective than a household cleaner such as simple green. You will need a small garden type sprayer to mix the concentrate and be very careful to follow the instructions on the gallon jug as to the proper mix (typically 3 to 1) i would hate to see a coil have acid meltdown.
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Best thing to use is a "Coil Gun"

And the golden coil cleaner from a company I can't name. I got banned awhile ago by a supermod.

If you have access to an HVAC supply company, get a coil gun. No muss no fuss, it mixes chemicals for you and is an easy clean up.

Also use the golden color coil cleaner (from the same company) non-acid and bio-degradable, won't kill your grass.
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Lately I've been using the granular stuff from the supply house. They've got an indoor and an outdoor cleaner that come in little jars. You dump the jar in a 2.5 gallon weed sprayer and fill it with water. They dissolve and make a pretty nice foaming cleaner. Very slippery. The outside cleaner had no trouble reducing my leather gloves mush and does a very nice job on the coil. The indoor cleaner has a much nicer smell and is designed to be rinsed off by coil sweat. Also cleans very well. I like them because it means I'm not carrying around bottles of liquid cleaners whose jugs always seem to spring a leak, especially when you throw sharp tin pieces into the back of the truck.
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Thanks for all the responses. I pulled the covers of and the coil was good. I was able to run water through the coil. I held the house on the fins and i could see where the water was coming through. It was low pressure, because i was making sure not to bend them. So what ever i buy it needs to be rinsed off real good.
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