What kind of wiring for thermostat?


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What kind of wiring for thermostat?

My parents have a t-stat in their basement which controls the AC. There is a t-stat on the main floor which controls the heat, Hunter 44100B, that I installed last year.

What I would like to do is to have this t-stat control both heat and cool.

The 3 wires, G, RC and Y for the cooling have slots on the Hunter t-stat but what kind of wiring can be used to get it up to the main floor?

Is it low voltage enough that I can use like speaker wires? Though they only have two wire in it or is there a need for a specific type of wire?

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Just go to any hardware store and get some t-stat wire. Count how many total wires you need and be sure what you buy at least has that many.
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Like said you need like a 18/4 tstat wire . That speaker wire will be like just a 24/2
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Low voltage wiring for a heat pump can turn into a big chore. Most of todays digital T-stats have multiple options for setup. To make a system function properly the T-stat has to be set to match.
I am fighting with a Honeywell Th5220D right now for a 3 ton split system Rheem Heat pump with 15KW aux heat.
The 15KW Auxilary heat kit is a two stage (10KW + 5KW) so I am planning on using the Aux terminal to run the 1st stage (10KW) on the heat coils. That is all that should ever kick in with the heat pump running and they should only come on if the temp drops below a certain point from the T-stat setpoint and the T-stat energizes the aux terminal. I am using their L terminal (I think) to pull in the 2 stage (5KW) of heat coils. The T-stat paperwork seems to indicate that the L terminal is powered when the T-stat is set to emergency heat. Aux and E terminals to be jumpered that way in the Emergency heat mode The E and L terminals should be energized and all 15KW should kick when the T-stat is set to emergency heat and the heat pump will be off. Man I hope this works, anyone familiar with the Honeywell T-stats that could maybe comment? I have a single feed of 100 amps to the disconnect at the air handler and am pulling 30 amps off of that for the condensor so I dont have enough amps to have the condensor running and all 15KW kicked in I dont think. If your eyes are not glazed over please advise LOL
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Saturn Be sure and check out that L. Most unts say L is system monitor or malfunction indicator.

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