Air/Furnace/Fan won't turn on


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Air/Furnace/Fan won't turn on

Just moved into a new house and the a/c was working fine the day we moved in. With the mild weather we've had, we have not run the air/heat since then.

Now when trying to start the AC - the thermostat is saying everything is fine, but am not able to get anything to turn on, including the fan, setting it to on.

My guess is that there is a problem with the thermostat - but looking for other suggestions. The only "change" that we made was putting in a new air filter. Don't see why this would prevent it from turning on.

Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.
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Not knowing where your filter goes, if you have to remove the blower door to get to the filter, make sure you got the blower door in place and snug.

If your filter goes into a drop between the furnace and return drop, you may of bump the power switch that may be near by.

Make sure breaker for the furnace is on, not tripped.

If all is doubled checked, then call for service since this is a new home.
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Thanks for the reply - unfortunantly we've tried all those suggestions. I guess it's time to call the home warranty company!

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