Coil this true?


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Coil this true?

Well, I went by Robert Madden's yesterday to pick up a capacitor and the guy there would not sell it to because I do not have a license. I did not know that I need a license to buy a capacitor. Also, it seems that he did not like me very much because I was a DIYer. He was telling me that to clean my evaporator coils, I need to call a tech since they would have to cut the coil out, clean it, then reweld it back, then recharge freon. I never heard of this before. can someone verify. thanks.
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Some units you do have to pull the coil to clean them! Maybe 20% in my area. Up north I would think their would be allot more unless they are using case coils.
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Originally Posted by airman.1994 View Post
Some units you do have to pull the coil to clean them! Maybe 20% in my area. Up north I would think their would be allot more unless they are using case coils.

I normally pull coils for cleaning. For the capacitor try
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Look in your yellow pages for a motor shop in your area, I know not many around anymore.. :-(

Otherwise, you can try Grainger.
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Some supply houses will not sell anything to a DIY. That's just the way it is. As mentioned, you can get what you want from other sources. You will have to do a little research.

Agree that sometimes coils need to be removed for cleaning. If it's an old coil, or extremely dirty, it may be easier to just replace. That's why it's best not to get them dirty in the first place.
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Most of the time a request for a cash ticket will dispel any reluctance to sell. Very few viable business entities refuse to sell their goods to a cash buyer unless there is a law preventing the sell of such items like refrigerants to unlicensed persons. I have never heard of such a law pertaining to electrical components but as we move more and more towards a socialist society I guess such a law is unavoidable. Take your business elsewhere would be my suggestion.
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Like said see if you cant get too the coil and clean it your self. Some you do have to take out to clean. When you go for that capacitor might see if they have a fin comb. It helps clean the coil if bad with dog and cat hair

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