saddle valve in a/c refrigerant pipe


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saddle valve in a/c refrigerant pipe

I made a stupid mistake when I accidentally pierced the small copper pipe carrying the refrigerant with a saddle valve, thinking that it was a water pipe. I was trying to install a house humidifier. I also opened the valve to see if water was coming out leaking out some of the freon in that process.
Now how do I get this fixed and what would it cost?
can I leave the saddle valve as it is and seal the outlet or is it possible to remove the valve and seal the hole on the copper pipe?
Does the refrigerant need to be topped up?
any help regarding this would be highly appreciated.
best rgds, kb
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You may not have lost enough refrigerant to cause a problem but if that valve is not leaking now it is a leak waiting to happen. I would suggest getting a HVAC contractor in to make the repair.

It's not a big deal for them to repair.
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how much should I be looking at to pay to fix this problem?
I got one contractor giving me 567 to repair plus 23$ a pound for refrigerant.
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Woops that is not good, that small line has a LOT of pressure when the unit is in operation. That is the high side of your system in the cooling mode and can easily run over 250 psig on a R22 system and much higher on a Puron system either way it is much more than any water line tap is designed to withstand! The hole cannot be repaired with pressure in the system so the refrigerant will either have to be recovered or the condensor pumped down. That price is a bit high for my area (TN) but may be about right for yours? you may want to check with some of your other local contractors to see what they would charge. If they elect to recover the system charge or pump it into the condensor they will simply reuse your refrigerant so the only refrigerant cost would (should!) be what is required to top the system back up from what you lost, if the system was originally fully charged. When these guys make the repairs be sure that they flow nitrogen thru the lines when brazing and get them to change out the filter drier. A good BiFlow filter drier can run near 75 bucks at the supply house so if they are doing this job properly they will have several dollars worth of materials and a few hours onsite dependent upon accessibility and technicians experience/skill level. I dont think I would operate the system until this is repaired you could have a total failure of the new water taps seal which would release the entire system charge.
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Best bet is get it fixed right now. Dont put it off. They might recover some freon now and it be OK. Still need a good pump down and new drier.
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