Thermostat wiring (Carrier non programmable to Hunter 44110


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Thumbs down Thermostat wiring (Carrier non programmable to Hunter 44110

I am at my wit’s end trying to get my new thermostat to work, I’ve followed the book and tried configurations from online and nothing works. The fan always works, but it blows out cold air. I actually gave up last night and turned the Hunter thermostat to [Off], and when I checked this morning the darn thing was working. Is it possible I have the On/Off wire crossed? Below is how I currently have it wired.

Carrier Color Hunter
R -- Blue -- RH
Y/Y2 -- Green -- Y/O
G -- Red -- G
C -- White -- RC
W/W1 -- Yellow -- W/B
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You dont say what you are putting this tstat on?????

R and RH is power most of the time its Red

G is green the fan

Y is cool yellow

W is for heat white
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Hunter t-stat are given by many service tech.

Why the change of stat?

If you want a good stat, take that back and get a REAL stat from Honeywell.

Also, the colored wire don't really line up like most of us do it.

Go to the furnace, and see what colored wire goes where..

I would advise to "clean" up the mess and put the wire like it should be... Example, R red to R at stat..

As Ed said, is this heat only with A/C?
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Originally Posted by 2legit View Post
Carrier Color Hunter
R -- Blue -- RH
Y/Y2 -- Green -- Y/O
G -- Red -- G
C -- White -- RC
W/W1 -- Yellow -- W/B
The match of the colors to the Carrier unit are odd.

Here's the two things I believe are causing the problem:

(1) make sure you have a jumper, on the hunter thermostat, between terminals Rc and Rh [it comes from factory, do not remove]

(2) DO NOT connect the C [Carrier] terminal to any terminal on the Hunter t-stat. The Hunter appears to be only battery operated. The C terminal provides power for the digital displays in those t-stats that come with that option.

This should do it.
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40 yr old Carrier Weathermaker thermo to Hunter 44110 programable

Carrier is a 9 wire 40 yr old round thermostat.
I had a programable years ago and just matched the color code, didn't like it and took it off.
These new programable don't go by color.

Carrier Basic Colors Red Or Yel Wh Grn with 4 tan numbered 1-4.
Split system with gas furnace.
Thermostat diagram:
clock positions counterclockwise:
11- left R/Tan wired together
9- T5
7- O
5- T2


G, RC,RG,Y,W with RC & RH jumper

What is the proper way to wire?
Got a good deal from Lowes on the Hunter.
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The numbers means nothing to me, you are going to need to go to the furnace, and find the t-stat wire going to it, and see what letters they go on the furnace. Also, with that old of set up, you may have a fossel fuel kit....

Is the system that old?? If it is, I would plan on getting a new one.

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