cost of freon?!

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cost of freon?!


My AC tech came out this week for to check for a leak in my AC system. He determined there is a leaky evaporator coil, added 8lb. refrigerant and charged 800 bucks (100 for service call, 100 for diagnosis and $600 for 8lb of freon ). The price to replace a leaky evaporator coil is an additional $1700 for a total of $2500.

Last year another tech from the same company came out...diagnosed the same problem and charged $200 total (100 service call, 50 for diagnosis and $50 for 2lb. freon) and quoted 800 to replace the part for a total of $1000.

Has anyone else experienced this kind of a cost increase? I talked to a supervisor but he stands by the new price mumbling something about high cost of freon and environmental laws.

I'm calling a few more places Monday AM but was wondering what others are getting quoted for Freon refill / lb.?

The AC is a York Diamond 80 4ton split system...


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In my opinion, you got ripped off. Most companies in my area are getting $25-50 per pound. I know it is higher is other areas but I can't believe it's that much higher. He should not have added refrigerant to a known leaking system.
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Originally Posted by chi1000
Last year another tech from the same company came out...diagnosed the same problem

Your first at fault my friend, you were told of the problem and took no action.

Prices have gone up for metal (the coil) and refrigerant but not that much!

Get a second opinion.
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Leaky Evap

My first question is.. Did he show you the leak? 8 lbs sounds like the unit was nearly flat. I think it would be a good idea to find and prove the leak before you proceed further with any more said repairs. It is unfortunate that you were charged so much for a job performed (simply charging the system) that should cost around $250.00 - $350.00. I am in Texas and cant imagine it being much more than this. It is true you should repair this leak however, it is not illegal to refill this system as often as it needs refrigerant. Unfortunately it is not illegal under rule 608 - EPA. (Thanks pflor)

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