Water collecting in AC Ducts & dripping through ceiling

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Water collecting in AC Ducts & dripping through ceiling

Thought I had a roof leak but the repairman showed that the AC Duct coming out of the side of the unit in the attic was collecting water.

How do I get that water out before the duct busts and how do I keep this from happening again?

One person suggested unclogging the drain - is the outside pipe the one that goes out from the pan? If so the pan is dry as a bone so why is there water in the duct instead of in the pan? The outside 3/4 inch drain is dripping water too, so does that come from somewhere else?

As you can tell I don't know what I'm talking about so I put a video up so you can see what I'm talking about. Lighting isn't that good but it's easier than me trying to explain something I don't know about


thanks in advance for your tips
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Video wasn't that bad.

The flex duct (pipe) that is full of water is a return probably from the downstairs. That other big one is probably from the upstairs.

The pan your looking at is the emergency pan. The PVC pipe your looking at is the overflow from the primary (inside the unit) to the emergency.

Just to the left of the pvc overflow is your primary drain, this is also what is dripping outside. It comes straight out of the unit, turns left, dips down where the P-Trap is and then goes to the outside.

About 1/3 the way down from the top you'll see 2 other pipes. One is bare copper about 3/8th of an inch, and an insulated one 3 inches away. These are liquid and gas lines to the outdoor unit.

Now that you understand what your looking at, too the problem.

Causes are:

1. Primary Drain is clogged.

2. Primary Drain pan is cracked allowing condensate into return plenum and flex after shut down.

3. Unit is not level, allowing condensate to overflow into plenum.

Anyone, or a combination of the three.

First clean the drain. Looks like you can remove the panel and access the coil. There are also screws to disconnect it from the plate that the refrigerant lins pass.

If you don't have anyway to blow air from the unit to the outside, a 5 gallon or smaller wet vac will have a hose just right to closely fit the drain outside and suck it out.

You'll still need to remove the panel to access the coil and inspect the drain pan.

Also see if the unit is level. THe unit should be leveled and then ever so slightly tilted toward the drain. By slightly, I mean so the bubble just crosses the level line.

Once you get the drain working (hopeing your pan is ok) the water in the duct will be evaporated.

Aren't you glad it's a long weekend?

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