Guardian AirConditioners??/

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Guardian AirConditioners??/

Current furnace is located in a very small area in the celling. Very difficult to get to ,to change out the coils to up grade to SEER13.I have been told by the air conditioner service man that there is a new air conditioner called Guardian that is made like a car water radiator.That it is not necessary to change out the coils and thus far he has installed two and they seem to woking fine. Does anyone know of such brand? I did a internet search with no results.
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Haven't heard of the "Guardian" brand and what kind of a/c units they produce. However, sometimes the coil does need to be changed out to reach the new SEER level of a new condensing unit.

Get some more bids for this job. 3 is the minimum usually recommended!

Good luck!
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13 seer coil

Dont be fooled - First of all it is the physical size of the 10 seer vs 13 seer that present the problem of matching (not even including the sizing of lineset problems it presents) - If this coil you have is a 10 seer - It simply wont work on a 13 seer condenser - The capacity of the system is "Severily affected". The smaller indoor coil cannot hold the amount of refrigerant that the larger condenser coil of the 13 seer condenser has. It will flood the evap and cause compressor damage during certain low or high ambient yearly conditions - It will have to be undercharged (also causes compressor overheating by lack of refrigerant) in order to keep the head pressures low enough to operate therfore limiting the cooling capacity. If it is a heatpump - It will have to have the refrigerant adjusted 2 times a year to accomidate the amount of refrigerant required to perform the heating job (more refrigerant) as opposed to how much is required to do a cooling job (less refrigerant), and is vastly different amounts. It is noted in "RSES" that even changing the expansion valve (which is the only thing that could be done to increase the effiency of a mismatched system in order to compensate for this problem will deplete the capacity some 30-40% at best, or in otherwords converting your 5 ton A/C into a 3 ton. I dont think that is a good idea.

You could liken it to putting a f4 phantom jet engine on a cessna prop airplane. It may take off but you wont be landing...

It is another case where a contractor is either ignorant to what he is saying or directly takes advantage of a H/O to try and get the job with a lower initial cost, as opposed to doing the right thing. In the pay for it all.

* It will most likely void the manufacture warranty of the condenser! If another company is called for service to your unit because your installer company goes out of business because of bad business practices such as this one concerning you! - They (the new service company you call in place of the fly by night one) wont honor the warranty and should/will spacifically report its findings to the manufacturing company.

Your Ignorance claimed of this delima wont change the manufacture's findings

* My advise - Dont do it.

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