Air Conditioner blowing normal Temp air

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Air Conditioner blowing normal Temp air

I am not a pro in ac units, but I am having some issues. I have a Trane unit (a little old) with heat pump outside. Two months back before I started using Air conditioner I scheduled a maintenance call. The maintenance person cleaned the coil in inside unit and filled the gas. A month later one day I just suddenly started getting normal air no cool air. I scheduled the maintenance again with a different person; he also told me that the gas was a little empty. I am not sure if that was true.

Now what’s happening is that the Circuit breaker for the heat pump keeps getting trip at least once or twice a day, but there are now occasions when the air is just normal no coolness. If the gas is low then I would never get cool air but now and then it does start throwing cool air. Please if you could guide me in which direction should I look? Scheduling maintenance call again and again is just money consuming and not giving me a solution. I do have home maintenance Insurance coverage.
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Some of the experts here will be able to chime in and get your problem helped, but I can offer some advice regarding your freon.
You say the first call it was filled, and I am guessing an attempt was never made to find where the gas leaked out? As you may or may not know, freon does not get used up, or ever need to be topped up. It is a sealed system and low gas means you certainly have a leak. I recommend the leak be fixed, so you don't have to keep throwing money away on gas all the time, just for it to leave again. For all you know, it could be an easy to find leak!
I'd also recommend trying a new company. It isn't very responsible to throw gas into a leaking unit constantly, and to not inform the homeowner that there is indeed a leak and to not make an effort to rectify it.

Good luck!

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