no air coming out of vents

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no air coming out of vents

came home today and the house was 10 degrees warmer then normal.AC unit was on and working.Copper lines going into house were covered with iceabout 1/2 inch thick.went down into basement and was is on copper lines there also.Called a buddy who use to do ac work and he said to change the filter and turn the heat on for about two hours.I have done this all ice seems to have melted but do not get air through duct work in neither ac or heat.What should I do now.
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Good advice to flip from cooling to heating to get the ice to melt.
Bad advice to keep the heat ON for 2 hours.
It should take no more than 10-15 minutes to melt that ice.

I wonder if perhaps your furnace had a safety switch switch trip because of the excess heat, or if the avalanche of water (product of the quick melting of the ice) caused an overflow in the evaporator coil pan that soaked the blower motor and burned it up..

You say below do not get air through duct work in neither ac or heat. I take it that what you mean is that the indoor blower is not working at all...Am I right?
Try flipping the thermostat FAN switch from AUTO to ON.

Besides an extremely dirty filter (which could bring about the ice build-up),this ice build-up may also occur due to the following two things:
(1) you set your thermostat really low (lower than 70F) and you had over there an extremely humid day, or
(2) your unit is low in refrigerant.

Is the outdoor unit kicking ON when you set the thermostat to call for cooling?

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