York Air conditioner Fan not spinning


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Question York Air conditioner Fan not spinning

I have a York stellar central air conditioner unit outside. I just came back from a month long vacation and when I turned on the ac, the air came out the same temp as outside. I went to take a look and noticed that everything seemed to be working (humming from compressor) except for the fan. The entire condensing unit was very hot as would be expected if there wasn't any air flow. While the outside unit was still running, I gave the fan blade a push with a stick but it didn't keep on moving on its own. I don't think there is anything wrong with the mechanical aspect of the motor (bad bearings, not enought oil) as there is little resistance when I push the rotors. I know what's wrong, but don't know how to fix it.

Do I buy a new motor or capacitor, and if so where do I find the spec so I can buy the right motor?

I've uploaded a pic of some spec sticker on the outside of the condensing unit.

Id like to do this myself if possible because I'm bored.

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bad condensor fan

You did not mention the age of the unit and I cannot tell from the pic you posted, but if the unit is a few years old I would not fool around with it, just go ahead and replace both the fan motor and capacitor for a trouble free repair.
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The house is only 6-7 years old , so the a/c should be around the same age as it was installed when the house was built. Where do I look to know what motor/capacitor to buy? From the sticker theres something about 230V and a frequency, but other than that I can't make anything of what the other numbers mean.

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208/230 U 1 PH 60 HZ 1.6 FLA 3.8 LRA.

I believe you need that information. Also how many blades the fan has. You could probably take it to a store where you're going to buy a replacement and get them to match it. The cap maybe has a sticker inside unit or on it?
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thanks, Ill go take a look at the unit and see if I can open it up and take the capacitor out.
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One hears of different ways of how to safely discharge a capacitor you plan on removing, so you do not get an unexpected jolt from stored up electricity, falsely thinking that since the unit is off, you can just remove it.

On a recent A/C one I did, I inquired about this and this guy (probably from the motor shop) said he doubted there was any current in it. He doubted, on this particular dual cap capacitor. Hmmm. Well, I used my voltmeter between every terminal and to the metal of the condensor unit or copper and had 0, and therfore presumed indeed there was no stored volts. Yet, I never hear that suggestion made. An oversight?
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.....er what?

I do plan to take the necessary precautions when messing around with capacitors by discharging if that's what you're trying to get at. Have you read what you just typed?

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