AC not cooling! Just paid $800 to get it fixed.

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Exclamation AC not cooling! Just paid $800 to get it fixed.

Ok here is my problem.

Our A/C just stopped cooling about two weeks ago, and because everyone was so expensive to just come out to take a look we decided to have my brother-in-law's friend that worked for ****** Heating and Cooling come and take a look.

We he said that it was the electronic magnet on the "Reversing Valve" in the outside unit, After $300 and a few days later the part came in and he replaced it.

Did not work. So he said that the "Reversing Valve" itself must be the issue.

Another $500 and a few days later the "Reversing Valve was replaced and he refilled it with freon.

The A/C worked for about a week, then just stopped cooling again.

We called this A/C guy, and he said that he was out of town and will not be back for a month. so I asked him what we should do since we just paid him $800 and we have no A/C and he hung-up and will not call us back.

Anyway off the subject, my A/C is not working but The 3 copper pipes are freezing cold but the large inside coil is only getting a little cold on one edge.

I am including a photo so you can see that the freezing pipes just stop being cold at a section where it attaches to other pipes that go into the coil.

Please help! what can I do?

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if the freon was tight before repair and you have ice at the distributor capillaries your short on charge or there is a leak.the only place it would of leaked was in and around the reversing valve brazing. did he pull a vacuum after the brazing of the see if the valve is working call either heat or cooling go out to the condenser and access the RV coil wires at the top of the RV itself if you pull one wire off 24V the valve should (wooosh! sound)slide,and give you the opposite cycle you had.HEATING going out the suction should be hot to touch....COLING should be incoming gas cold insulated line.before anybody touched it the unit was only heating when you called for cooling? if yes that means the coil on top of the rRV gets 24Vs to do cooling...might of just been the coil if he had OHMed out the old coil and had 2Vs to it that was the fix!
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The only thing you can do is what you should have done in the first place. Call an HVAC service Company, not someones friend.

Since this guy screwed you on the side you can't go back to his employer for restitution.

Looks to me like you are either low on refrigerant (probably where Mr. expert troubleshooter brazed in the new valve) or there is a restriction in the orifice (where the frost starts).

Good luck!

Sorry you had to learn such an expensive lesson.
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Did you ask for your money back?

Why did you pay for the $300 part that did not fix the problem? I can't even figure why you paid him anything, without proving the thing worked? (Oh, I see, it worked for 1 week.)

What would he say if you told him that his employer might want to know that he is moonlighting on the side (if he don't reimburse you) and telling the company he isn't even a competent moonlighter?

Isn't this why they have small claims court and those court shows on tv?
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Poor service

Because you are into this for $800 already you may want to give this guy a chance to make it right there is a restriction in the system that has broken loose and plugged up an orifice or a screen
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Did XXXX use his own tools and equipment or Bossmans van? Does Bossman have a problem with XXXX moonlighting?

Well, if he really is out of town, and he was moonlighting...I'd probably call the company he works for (if they are otherwise reputable) and ask for a service call (just mentioning that XXXX A/C guy had already been out and done the things mentioned) but it's still not working, and you understand XXXX is away. Maybe Bossman will say..."Uhhh, XXXX is out on another call, he's not out of town. I'll talk to him....".
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You probably won't hear from the "friend's AC guy" because he knows he effed up. There's obviously a restriction at the check valve where it's frosting up. Need a recovery machine and possibly a torch to fix this. Might need a filter/drier and new check valve if damaged.
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One big smile to ya! You get what you pay for.

Rule #1

If you think a good company and technician is expensive...try paying for a cheap
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I well have to offer a different perspective on this cuz I have been in this boys shoes a time or two it always seems that when you try to help someone out the worst can and does happen sometimes. It sounds to me like the boy tryed to save you some money. This is the very reason that most companies will not fool with a repair and recommend a system replacement especially if they smell a problem customer, there are way to many problems that can develop either due to the work done or simply coincidental with the timing of the work. The customer should be informed ahead of time that there is a chance of complications with any repair. Either wait until the man gets back in from out of town to repair it (if he accepts your apology for screaming and hollering at him on the phone) or have the entire unit replaced by a reputable firm that will charge you MEGA bucks. It sounds like the boy made at least 2 trips out and spent several hours fooling with your junk unit plus the cost of materials. You might want to call and offer to pay him some EXTRA cash, 800 clams is darn cheap in my area for a diagnosis/parts and replacement of a reversing valve. No one here knows what exactly the tech did, he may have followed every procedure exactly correct and the trash was already in the line and was dislodged by the work and moved to the orfice. Do you have a list of what work he did? New liquid line filter drier/nitrogen flow while brazing/cut out the old filter drier not sweated/proper evacuation and vaccum procedures etc etc

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