Gas Heat shuts off

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Gas Heat shuts off

My renter says when he tried the central heat for the 1st time this season, the gas came on, fires up, blower comes on, but immediately the unit shuts off. Must be some sensor? Don't know the brand, model, etc at this point. Any clues before I call for service. Thx Ed
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Be nice to have the brand model, etc.

Sounds like it's going through the entire sequence with blower coming on.

Could be high limit, ignition model, even tstat.

Have to break out the elec meter and find whats dropping it out.
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probably a bad flame sensor. That service guy will have one on his truck most likely. If this is an older unit be sure he does a HX test we dont want to kill the renters with carbon monoxide cuz they never will pay the back rent then.
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The burner shutting off when the blower comes on is suspicious. I would look for a cracked heat exchanger, which is allowing the forced air to blow the pilot flame away from the flame rod, which proves ignition.Beer 4U2
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Heating Repair

If it is your place I would go there myself and check it out, first make sure the filter is clean and that it is not tripping on high limit, then watch the furnace light, if when that fan comes on the flame moves around and start moving out of the heat exchanger into the burner compartment you have a bad heat exchanger. Bad news but with this knowledge you can save yourself a service fee and call 3 companies and start a bidding war, depending on what part of the country you are in service companies are hungry right now as winter has not fully kicked in and you will get your best pricing right now.
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you may need to check for the inductor fan, a very small fan infront of the bunner if that fan it bad the flam will go off after couple second because there is no air for gas to other to have a fire you should have a triangle element: heat, source and air if one of that bad there is no fire........ Good luck

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